Why So Much Construction Waste?

construction past AC Plumbing debre 300x222 Why So Much Construction Waste?

There is no argument over the fragmentation of the construction projects. The failure of the subcontractors to consider the impact that their work casts on the tasks of other subcontractors are what leads to so much waste.

This “throw it over the wall” mentality pushes a sub-department to roughly get the task appointed to it done and throw it over the wall to the next sub-department.

However, the latter sub-department throws the task back to the first sub-department since it has not been done up to the requirements. Since optimization of the project takes a serious hit because of this mentality, the schedule as well as the quality of the project is ultimately compromised.

However, with the utilization of lean in construction that includes techniques such as just in time delivery, one-piece flow, it can be made possible for the construction firms to eliminate waste and maximize value.

Application of lean principles to a unique industry like construction is not yet widely supported, but mapping the entire construction process including the identification of the most efficient workflow as well as an establishment of a pull system, certainly offers some promising results in the years to come. www.acplumbingconstructioninc.com

waste graph Why So Much Construction Waste?                     waste manage Ac Plumbing 300x160 Why So Much Construction Waste?

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